Michael goes deep, and so does his process. He gets genuinely excited about the intentional exchanges that allow him to design a flow that moves his clients and their guests.

He does so much more than play music in the moment. Before an event Michael engages with his clients to prepare a curated, personalized musical experience. This requires more than requesting a list of favourite songs. It involves active listening and asking the right questions to fully understand what will stir an emotional response. When he arrives at an event with this valuable information, and being fully present throughout, Michael builds on the natural energy of the room by constantly reading and responding to the crowd.

Whether performing in Toronto, NYC or the Cayman Islands, Michael’s goal is to create a phenomenal party; period.

Michael speaks to clients who expect luxury. 

This means hiring a DJ who will do more than simply hit play.

 He understands a clients expectations and inclinations, harmonizing with their style and vibe, curating for them memorable and one-of-a-kind moments.

our expertise:

We help badass female creative entreprenuers uncover their purpose and find their passion.

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With undeniable style, Michael strives to elevate his clients ideas too unexpected heights.

He is genuinely excited to get to know his clients, to share his passion for music and to understand how music moves them. Michael provides sleek sophistication and nuanced guidance which resonates with an elite clientele seeking the best in event entertainment.


Michael does more than play music in the moment. His work begins long before the event with a tried-and-true method for success. Through preparation, personal engagement, and refined communication, Michael connects with his clients to prepare a curated, personalized musical experience. As a former headlining radio and night-club DJ, Michael pulls from this experience, moving you and your audience with excitement and energy.


Understanding that the event is not about him, Michael leans into his background in radio, improv and public speaking to engage the audience with style and flair. He’s known for keeping announcements clean and concise. Whether it’s for 100, or 1000 guests, he’s as comfortable on the microphone as he is behind the turntables.


Not only does Michael strive for the music to harmonize with an event, but he also seeks to fit the space. His sleek set-ups, utilizing state-of-the-art sound and lighting systems, becomes an extension of the décor of any luxury venue. Having worked for one of the top sound & light companies in Canada, he fully understands the impact that the right production can have on the success of an event and how it helps move a crowd. Rather than taking away from an event’s style, he enhances it.


Though his music might vibrate through the room, Michael's work is really behind-the-scenes. With undeniable style, Michael strives to elevate his clients ideas to unexpected new heights. As the first DJ in Canada to become a certified wedding planner, he understand flow, logistics and scheduling like no other. And knows how to execute it. Michael collaborates with his partners to design events that will “Hit” on every level and is known to be so much more than “just the dj”.

from the crowd:

Simply the Best!


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