Fairmont Royal York Champagne Party

“I cannot thank you enough for DJ’ing our Champagne Party! As always,you were a HUGE hit.All of our clients and guests have been raving about what a wonderful time they had and it was because you set the PERFECT vibe for us!You even got some of the guests dancing, and TWIFF has historically been mingling-cocktail party, so it really shows the impact that you had!

After a setting the bar high with great music at our Incentive Works party Weslodge, you really blew it out of the park at our Champagne Party.It looks like you have now become the official DJ for the Fairmont RoyalYork – and I wouldn’t have it any other way!! A huge thank you from the entire team here at the Royal York!”

Kristen Renaud – Assistant Director of Catering – Fairmont Royal York

Toronto DJ Diaries, Chapter 2 – DJ Matt C

The first time I ever heard a DJ mix was at my Grade 8 graduation party. The legendary Toronto house music DJ Matt C (RPM, Industry Night Club) was a former student and played the event for us. It was so amazing to hear one song blend into the other with such precision and ease, and to watch how the dance-floor continuously moved, almost like the waves of an ocean. It was surreal. The energy level was epic and I came out of that party soaked with sweat. I had never heard or seen anything like it. Yet, this isn’t what got me hooked.

In grade 9 I attended Agincourt C.I. on Midland Ave. in Scarborough (a suburb of Toronto). Matt C was a student in his graduating year and during one of the schools spirit assembly’s, he got on stage, with two technique 1200’s and tore up Technotronic’s “Pump Up the Jam.” I still remember how he broke it down. He went back to back on the two turntables starting with the chorus:

Pump up the Jam
Pump up the Jam
Pump up the
Pump up the
Pump up the Jam
Pump up the Jam
Pump up the Jam

The place went NUTS! Hands were in the air, kids were jumping out of their seats, girls screaming, it was pandaemonium! I had never witnessed such excitement! I said to myself, “I want to be that guy!”

Unknown to me, there was another kid in the auditorium that day, who would end up being not only a great friend, but a business partner. Together we would build something very special. His name was Paul Jones.

*** Many years later, I did have the honour of playing alongside Matt C at the RPM Reunion Party held at Guvernment, put on by Brighter Days Entertainment.

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Jacqueline & Colin’s Wedding – Graydon Hall Manor

“When it came time to figure out our suppliers for our wedding, there was no question that Michael would be our DJ. Michael did an amazing job of feeling the crowd and catering to a diversified group.  The dance floor was moving all night long, none of us wanted to music to ever end.  Thank you Michael for creating an atmosphere of everlasting memories”

Jacqueline and Colin – Jacqueline is an event designer at Graydon Hall Manor.

I’d met Jacqueline years ago when she was a server at Graydon Hall and I have seen her blossom and grow into the wonderful event designer that she is today.  And it was such an honour that when she got engaged, she asked me to DJ her wedding.  I always enjoy playing weddings, yet when it’s for your industry friends and collegues it’s even more special.  Just knowing that she could have had any DJ in Toronto she wanted, yet she still asked me.  WOW, was all I could say.  And, they partied hard right until the lights came on.

Photos courtesy of Rebecca Wood photography.

Toronto DJ Diaries, Chapter 1 – In the beginning


Chapter 1 – In the beginning. How my DJ career began.

I grew up in Agincourt (in Toronto) and as a kid, I used to spend hours in my basement playing my Mom’s old records. She had such an amazing collection of 50’s and 60’s music, from rock & roll to Motown, mostly on 45’s. I fell in love with the music from that era, it had such a “rawness” to it. The way the vinyl crackled, and the sound the needle would make as it kept jumping once it hit the label in the middle. One by one I would play a song. Manually removing each record and placing the next on the turntable. Hours and hours I would listen, and loved every minute of it.

In grade 7, I would go to Music World at Scarborough Town Centre and would spend a good chunk of my allowance buying albums and 45’s. My musical taste had no boundaries and my collection included everything: Prince, Bon Jovi, Roxette, Duran Duran, Michael Jackson, New Edition, Bobby Brown, Def Leopard, etc. You get the hint. While many of my friends were making the move to cassettes, I stuck with vinyl.

My grade 8 music teacher at Sir Alexander Mackenzie, Mr. Gene, thought it would be a great idea if instead of hiring a DJ to play the school dances, that the students should have the opportunity to DJ them. He would hold “DJ auditions” to determine who would perform. So, the morning of the audition I packed my backpack with all my favourite tracks and set off for school.

As a kid, I was extremely shy. To the point that I couldn’t even look you in the eye when speaking. I vividly remember walking into the cafeteria that afternoon and seeing the other kids on the stage getting ready for the audition. I froze and was mortified. As fast as I walked in, was as fast as I walked right back out and straight home. This was my first foray into the DJ business.

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AGO Industry Night DJ!

“Thank you so much for last night. I heard so many great things about the party!!” Your music selections and transitions were phenomenal as always, and that is why we always bring you back to the AGO!”

Beth Bruno
Sales & Events Manager
AGO – Art Gallery of Ontario

In April of this 2016 I was asked to DJ the Art Gallery of Ontario industry night here in Toronto, and oh what a night it was. Great food, great people, great decor and great networking. This event is the Toronto wedding and event industries party of the year. All photo’s, courtesy of 5ive15ifteen, and the video from Images, says it all.