April 18, 2024

Planner Profiles: Tara O’Grady

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I personally consider Tara O’Grady of Bliss Event’s an OG in the Toronto wedding and event planning world. Having been in business since 2003, she’s won some very prestigious awards and has been featured on local and national TV, radio and in print, sharing her wisdom and love for weddings and events. On top of that, combined with all her charitable work, in 2020 Tara added the title of “Professor of Event Planning” with Centennial College.

Let’s hear from Tara O’Grady!

What is it about wedding / events that you love?

There are so many things that I love about weddings and events but of all of these things, I love the relationships that are built over the many months of planning and collaboration. The many casual conversations and shared experiences of getting to know my clients is a delightful and rewarding perk. I also love seeing the vision come to life, it always exceeds my expectations and brings me so much joy.

What motivated you get into the business?

I started my career as a Casting Director in Film & Television and after 5 years, I realized that I wanted a role that would encompass all elements of a production, from the beginning to the end. As time progressed, I realized that my skills were interchangeable on becoming either a Producer in film & television or an Event Planner and as a result, I focused on event planning and I’m so glad that I did! Best decision ever! In the beginning, I specifically started as a wedding planner but as time progressed, many of my wedding clients asked if I could do their corporate parties, fundraisers, galas and networking events…the rest is history!

Do you have an all time favourite event? If so, what made it so special for you?

Honestly, no, it would be impossible to have an “all time favourite event”. It may sound cliche but each and every event has been unique or memorable in some way…some for better, some for worse (but that’s another story)! What has really made an impact on me is the people that I’ve met, the remarkable locations that I’ve been to and the epic experiences that I’ve had the privilege of curating and witnessing. I will be forever grateful for the opportunities that I’ve been afforded over the years, it is a privilege to work with so many generous and hospitable families on such impactful and important life events.

What matters to you most about your business?

I am extremely service oriented. It is important to me that my clients feel heard, understood and taken care of. Their trust and confidence means the world to me, I take it very seriously.

What’s one piece of advice that you would like to give to any potential client when
planning their event?

I would say to be authentic and true to themselves, their style and the priorities that matter to them most. They are celebrating one of the most important days of their lives with their nearest and dearest family and friends, which is the most important detail of all. Have confidence that you have built an amazing team of professionals that will work their hardest to ensure that you to have the best day ever and try to take a few quiet, contemplative moments to just soak it all in.

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